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Well this is it, my new site, again rolleyes
I have been busy updating and maintaining other web sites that I haven't had a chance to even keep this one updated.

This site is a collection of things that I like and enjoy. Photography, graphics work and articles were I like to help people out and complain about pointless things.

I am not the most creative person when it comes to content. I need a lot of inspiration when I design things, it normally takes me months to finish a project (but as they say - perfection takes time)

I am a full time father, husband and deli assistant.

I am a very unique person in the fact that I like all the alternative things in life instead of the mainstream, an example of this would be my Minecraft pack that consists of all the different mods instead of all the main mods.

Things that I love include

  • Computer and Console Gaming
  • Minecraft, these days it only includes modded as I find vanilla quiet boring :)
  • I love working on cars, I own an old 1997 Holden Vectra JR and a 2005 Holden Commodore VZ SV6
  • Media of all kinds from our very large DVD library
  • Photography, I own a Cannon DSLR400D with a number of lenses and extras
  • Mountain bike riding
  • I love finding computer problems and then finding solutions to them
  • I also really enjoy modifying computer cases and have a few works in progress. They'll get finished one day when time permits tounge

It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

Phenom II X6 1055t | 120GB SSD/2TB HDD | 16GB DDR3-1333 | Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 | GTX760 | LG 24" IPS,LED,LCD | Windows 7 x64

My lovely eldest dancing daughter
My lovely and unique blue eyed daughter
My youngest social butterfly
My second beautiful now passed daughter

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